Job-Alike Room Assignments 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Please attend a session that best fits your role. For those with multiple locations, please choose another location if the first room you select is full.

Room xxxx
K-5 Educators and Leaders
K-5 Educators and Leaders
K-5 Educators and Leaders
6-12 Educators and Leaders
6-12 Educators and Leaders
6-12 Educators and Leaders
School-Based Instructional Support xxxxx
School-Based Instructional Support
District Level Support
District Level Support

Session Overview/Purpose:

Participants have requested time to discuss pertinent issues and network with those who have similar job

responsibilities. This time is reserved to make connections in the region and collaborate to solve similar

dilemmas. A few big ideas from each discussion group will be posted on line so others across the region

and state can see different perspectives and solutions to common issues.


The Job-Alike session is scheduled for one hour just after lunch on the first day – 1:00-2:00 PM. Rooms will

be designated for each job responsibility or role such as a room for teacher leaders, principals, directors, etc.

A facilitator in each room will provide a brief introduction and directions for how the session will work. Four

issues that have been identified as pertinent to the region will be posted each corner of the room as

conversation starters. The same issues will be posted in every job-alike room. Participants will be invited to

select the topic that is most important to them or to choose “other” which will be a topic of their choosing and

they will have two more opportunities to discuss the other posted topics. A few big ideas from each conversation

will be recorded and posted on line so that all participants can read the perspectives of others about the same


Session Objectives:
  • Foster collegial relationships and strengthen the sustainable regional network of support
  • Listen to and provide different points of view and solutions to similar issues/challenges
  • Gain multiple perspectives on the key issues of the RttT initiative
  • Create a solution-oriented forum for conversation

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learners will network with others who share similar job responsibilities to address common issues
  • Learners will focus on key issues to discuss and provide input
  • Learners will exchange contact information so the collaboration can continue after the institute ends

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